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Not only does my child thoroughly enjoy and look forward to his time at Saturday school, but it also allows me to have some precious time carved out in an otherwise busy week for just myself and him to interact, without the pull of ironing, cooking, cleaning, seeing friends etc. I focus on him and him alone and it enables me to assess each week what we as a family need to work on with Henry to ensure he continues to make progress
Posted By: Caroline Robinson
Hi Linzi,
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the ASNW team for the fabulous workshops you have offered and delivered recently.
I thought it was a brilliant idea to ask parents beforehand what kind of workshops they would like and why the topics chosen were important to their family. You made sure that you were actually delivering something that families had asked for and would put into practice with their children at home.
The workshops themselves were positive, cheery, interesting throughout and the trainer clearly had first hand practical knowledge of the subject matter - and that makes a huge difference.
For me it was also very important that you were there and willing to speak about your own experiences with your glorious son - it reassures so many others to have real life stories to listen to.
The feedback I have had from families who came along has been incredible and it's so good to see the workshops fill up so quickly after they are announced.
I can't recommend the workshops highly enough for parents of children and young people who have Autism who are keen to hear about different strategies and techniques to try.
I'll definitely be cluttering up more sessions!
Posted By: Steph Sherratt
Autism Support UK have hosted a number of workshops, several I have had the pleasure to attend.These are presented by experts in their field of knowledge including presentations titled Motivation to Learn and Social Skills Very informative and incredibly useful information delivered in an enthusiastic manner, I would highly recommend you attend these workshops to anyone that is interested in improving their understanding, wanting to help shape and improve skills that are essential in order for us to connect with one another as we do on a daily basis. Hopefully helping to reduce anxiety, frustration and lack of understanding. I feel the information and advice helps me to understand my son more and more and offers insight and practical solutions that have been missing whilst on our journey through diagnosis of Autism. I feel very lucky to have attended these workshops free of charge as normally events such as these are priced highly due to the professionalism and content they include. Thank you Autism Support UK for enabling us to be able to access these. Xx
Posted By: Caroline Allpress
I have attended a number of workshops with Asuk and have found them very informative, they are interactive which gets you working with others in a fun way, the presenters are knowledgeable approachable and fun. I mostly love that you are given practical advice and strategies that you can take away and try with your child it gets you thinking how you can apply these strategies to your child so suits all levels. The venue is great and lunch is delicious can’t wait for any in 2019
Posted By: Deborah Booth
Thank you so much to ASUK for organising the free workshops in November.
I attended the Motivation to Learn and Developing Social skills both run by the highly skilled Behaviour Analyst Kirsty Keyburn from Bridge to Learning.
These workshops were very informative and useful for the parents. The event was very organised in every way , where each of us also got to take home the information pack to refer to.
I not only learnt alot of new strategies to help my child but also benefited from meeting other parents and sharing each others experiences.
Once again massive thank you and we'll done to ASUK for organising these events.
Posted By: Aarti Nayak
We have really enjoyed Lego club as a family. My son has loved coming each week and his brother has been able to join in with him too, which they have both enjoyed. It has been fantastic for him to share his love of lego with other children in a small group, with lots of support from the adults that run and help with the club. I have really enjoyed coming each week too, it's great to be able to talk with other people and share experiences and advice, and even just to have a chat. We are all looking forward to going to lego club again in the new year and would highly recommend. Many thanks to you all for everything you do. Zoe x
Posted By: Zoe
My son Max who is 8 years old was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, dyspraxia, dyslexia, learning difficulties and sensory problems earlier this year.
It was difficult to get him diagnosed as to meet him there are not noticeable differences to other children and he passed the diagnostic tool that they use to diagnose autism making getting diagnosed very challenging. Max is an amazing person with lots of unique qualities. He likes to talk about things that don't always interest other children such as films and sharks and this sometimes confuses him when other children walk away. Over the past couple of years Max has started to notice differences in himself and other children at his school in that he has different needs to them and was starting to feel angry at the world and challenges within it. Also before he was diagnosed he was not getting the support he needed at school causing difficult behaviours.
We told Max he had ASD as soon as we knew about it as it was important for him to know due to his insight into his different ways. The consultant who diagnosed Max told us about Lego club and as he likes Lego I thought we would try it. I did not hold out much hope for him to continue attending Lego club as most school groups and clubs we have taken him to he has never committed to and never returned and often we have paid for all the sessions and he has only attended the first one for a short time.
On the first session I was quite nervous at what to expect for us both and I was probably more nervous than Max was. Both of us were made to feel very welcome from the start and Max knew that the group was for other children with autism just like him. I remember in the first week him being on the playground at Lego club asking a girl whether she had autism and he openly told her he had it. Meeting others who have autism has been a big help to Max who felt like he was quite isolated due to this. Max goes to Lego club with confidence and I suppose I feel reassured that when he goes there they fully understand both our needs. I do not worry that we will have to leave earlier if he feels overstimulated or says something he shouldn't be saying or do something he shouldn't be doing like we do in some other settings. He can be himself and people accept him into the group without any challenges for him. Max has now completed one full course of the Lego club and he is looking forward to the next course. I feel it has been essential for him to meet others with autism so he feels less isolated and gives him some awareness into it. Also that other people experience it at different levels.
I was very proud just last week as we was at the till in tesco. He was chatting to me about films and the checkout lady said " isn't he very clever". Max then said to her without any hesitation. "I have autism and my special interest is films". I was proud that he felt able to share this with her but also that he had developed more insight that people with autism have special interests. The lady then told him her son had autism and Max asked the lady about her sons special interests and they had a conversation about it. Max now is a lot calmer and is getting the support he needs.
In addition to Max, I also get benefits from meeting other parents with autism. We are able to share stories, strategies and discuss some of the daily struggles and other means of support in a relaxed environment with tea/coffee and biscuits. Lego club has been a great resource for us to access in the community and has been a big support for both me and Max since he was diagnosed.
Max is now in a better place mentally than he were earlier this year and I am extremely proud of how he has managed with his diagnosis. I believe that Lego club has been an essential part in this process and being able to meet others who are fantastic and unique just like he is.
Posted By: Michelle

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