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The communication course ran by Reach NW is one of the most important courses we have attended for our child. I would strongly recommend anyone to join their group and attend anything offered by this organisation. They are by far the most helpful and knowledgeable group we have come across. All were amazing. We were impressed and right away knew we were in the presence of people who actually know what they are talking about.
Posted By: Abul Khair
Since we have been exploring all the various options of support that are out there for the last 4 years, there is no other organisation that has had a bigger positive impact than this. Linzi and the team have always been extremely welcoming, insightful and talk about practical things and ideas which continue to have a very real and tangible positive impact on our lives. Our son loved attending the Saturday school and I so wish that their funding could allow us to attend the school all year long.
Posted By: Talha Ahmed
The communication course with reach northwest has been a great help to me and my child.
I wish it was sooner for my child as this would have benefitted her greatly at younger age. However, my child is using pecs correctly now and communicating her needs. A fantastic course would highly recommend for all children with communication difficulties.
Posted By: Mehnaz Amjad
I was apprehensive about attending the course as my son has gone through a traumatic time being unsupported at school and has become a school refuser and is displaying some challenging behaviours. I knew that my son was capable of communicating but there has been no tracking of evidence or consistent work on consolidating each PECS phase from previous education professionals. During the the Reach training I was given the tools and supported in how to track all communication from my son and was supported to do exchanges and set up opportunities by the volunteers, and my son became consistent in 3 PECs stages. At times my son because very distressed and I was very emotional and anxious but the Reach volunteers were on hand to support us both, without judgement. We really enjoyed the course and my son has now moved on to the next PECS stage and uses his communication book consistently when he can’t find the words he needs. I really enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend to other parents.
Posted By: Cassie Clancy
Thank you so much for the amazing experience we had on the Let’s Talk Course. We have learnt so much and it has really helped us as a family. My son still asks every Saturday to go back again and it’s been incredible to see him progress. The staff and resources are brilliant and we are really grateful for the fantastic opportunity to be a part of this. Thanks so much to Linzi and your team!
Posted By: Sara Slawycz
I found Lindsay and Rebecca extremly helpful with providing guidance from setting up the ABA programme to fighting for it to be implemented In the EHC plan. They both have a lot of knowledge and experience which they are always happy to share and offer help and guidance. They are both inspirational ladies and speaking to them gave us a lot of reassurance that ABA does work. It has now been three months since we started our ABA programme and we are already noticing positive changes in our daughter.
Posted By: Marlena Davies
Reach Northwest were able to support us through our communication course. It's a family not just a charity, they provide a variety of event's throughout the year not just for the children but for parent's/carers too. Your made to not feel alone.
Posted By: Phillipa
It has been a fantastic experience to be able to attend the Saturday club. Finally finding a place where people just get it....An amazing supportive and encouraging environment that allows you and your child to grow in so many ways. Always looking for ways to improve. A fantastic Team with a very knowledgable and committed leadership! Love RNW ❤️
Posted By: Luca Urban
I found the support and feedback to be fantastic and very helpful. The staff gave me the opportunity to voice the concerns I have around my son's challenging behaviour and offered advice and strategies. This is something, sadly, I am not able to access anywhere else! The support and strategies given during the course have been of great benefit at home.
Posted By: Emma Tierney
Great staff who were wonderful, kind & really tried to get to know my little girls likes and dislikes and what worked for her. Met great other parents and children who would love to keep in touch with. A real sense of support all round and a lovely positive atmosphere
Posted By: Helena Kelly

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