Here at REACH North West we use a multi-disciplinary team. This ensures we provide the best quality teaching for our students and families. Our teaching focuses on the individual child’s needs and not a one size fits all approach.

As a voluntary community group our aim is to provide services that are affordable for everyone so everyone can have access to a multi-disciplinary team.

BCBA – Behaviour Analyst


Behaviour analysts focus on understanding how a person's interactions with the environment influence behaviour, they are experts in understanding how people learn, they use this to design individualised skill building techniques for each child at REACH so every child has an individual support plan to suit their needs and not a blanket approach for all. They also observe children and put any behaviour support plans in place that are needed.

Behaviour Supervisors


Behaviour supervisors have extensive training in behaviour analysis and are experienced in working with children with ASD and other communication difficulties. They work alongside our BCBAs and SLTs to help implement and oversee individualized support plans and interventions developed for children and families to suit their individual needs. They also provide ongoing support and practical training for Reach volunteers and families attending our courses.

SaLT – Speech and Language Therapist


Speech and language therapists support our REACH children with communication difficulties. Our speech and language therapist will liaise with our BCBA and will recommend and use a wide range of interventions to develop communication skills, including language programmes, speech sound programmes, supporting the use of alternative or augmentative communication systems. This consequently means more successful communication and can reduce frustration.

OT – Occupational Therapist


Occupational Therapists work with our REACH children on functional skills, sensory needs, cross body exercises and self-help skills. They may work alongside our BCBA on any courses we provide that may we require an OT.

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