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A parents guide to nutrician in ASD

Reach North West are hosting a workshop by a Registered Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine Practitioner, with a commitment to achieving optimum health for children with Autism, ADHD, PANS and PANDAS, as well those with behavioural and learning difficulties and food and chemical sensitivities.

The workshop will focus on the following:

  • Diets that generally work well in ASD and why diet makes a difference. We will also look at which foods are most helpful for the brain, the gut and behaviour as well foods for healthy nail and hair growth.
  • Gut health and the brain/gut connection. We will also discuss the most common issues such constipation, loose stools and reflux, yeast and bacterial overgrowth. What they are and what we can do
  • Anxiety in ASD - what can be contributing and what we can do
  • PANS and PANDAS - what it is and what has worked best. We will also discuss the merits and differences between probiotics and antibiotics.
  • We will look at typical behaviours around food such as picky eating, operating, pica - what they can mean and what we can do.
  • Basic supplements that you can implement safely, discussing brands, dosing and what to expect.

We do have limited places so please book early

Booking is via minimum donation and booking will be available shortly.

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